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Security Tips for New Homeowners in Roanoke, VA – When Should You Rekey Locks or Change Locks?

B&D Lock Co. Urges Homeowners to Never Overlook Security

At B&D Lock Co., we offer security tips for new homeowners in Roanoke, VA. Purchasing a new home can be a long and stressful process. You worry about making a bid on the home, securing the loan, moving in, and decorating. One thing you shouldn’t overlook is the security of your new home. It’s probably a good time to look into changing your locks. Rekeying locks might be a better option for some homeowners in the Roanoke Valley, especially if you’re unsure of how many of your home keys exist. Most home warranties cover either changing the locks or rekeying locks.

At B&D Lock Co., we have many years of experience in residential security, locksmithing, rekeying locks, and changing locks in the region. We have put together some useful security tips in this blog for new homeowners regarding rekeying locks and changing locks.

Here’s What Happens When We Rekey Locks

When you rekey your locks, you’re altering the lock mechanism so that the old key will no longer open the lock. The locksmith at B&D Lock Co. removes the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs that work with a new key. A new key will be necessary for the lock. Not only can we rekey your main door, we can also rekey your patio door and padlocks on storage sheds. In many circumstances, rekeying your locks makes more sense than changing your locks. You can have your locks rekeyed to operate the same key in some circumstances. Some of those circumstances include:

  • When all of your locks are of the same brand
  • When they have the same type of keyhole but use different keys
  • When you’ve lost a copy of your old key
  • When your key has been stolen
  • When you don’t know how many copies of keys have been made under the previous homeowner

Get Your Locks Rekeyed When Your Keys Are Lost or Stolen

If you lose your keys or someone has stolen the keys to your house, it’s best to rekey the locks. Homeowners don’t have to compromise on their security. Call B&D Lock Co. for our rekeying services right away. Our locksmith will report to your home and rekey the locks to your home quickly and efficiently. You can rest assured that a thief won’t enter your home with keys they stole from you.

Rekey Locks Before Moving Into a New House

Sometimes new homeowners just don’t know how many copies of their house keys are floating around the neighborhood. When a construction company is building a new house, there could be many people who have keys for it. Real estate agents, construction workers, inspectors, and even cleaning services could have keys to the house. Neighbors or friends who have housesat could also have copies. Rekeying locks is an affordable way to guarantee that no one but you and your family has keys to your home. Call B&D Lock. Co. to rekey locks when you have concerns about multiple house key copies in existence.

There Are Many Reasons Why Homeowners Replace Locks

There are a vast array of reasons why B&D Lock Co. locksmiths replace locks. One of the main reasons why we replace locks is because the lock is broken or damaged and entry isn’t possible. When the locks or hardware are old, we can replace locks them with newer locks.  The newer locks could be high security locks or electronic locks. If you want the lock to be a different color or design, you can choose a new color or design. If you have locks that we can’t rekey to one key, our locksmith can replace locks or hardware to your new home.

Upgrade to High Security Locks to Increase Security

Another way to add protection to a new home is to install high security locks. Bob sheds light on today’s high security locks:

“After a break-in or a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood, many homeowners upgrade to more secure locks. Modern door locks offer cutting-edge technology that both improves and simplifies home security. Many of today’s locks feature a keypad with a code instead of an old-fashioned key to unlock the door. The keypad can be programmed to accept a numerical digit code that homeowners can reset if necessary. High tech has gone even deeper into home security, via smart locks synced to a phone, tablet, or PC. This allows you to lock and unlock the door remotely. Smart locks will also send an alert to your device if the door is unlocked in your absence.”

Source: Changing Locks on a Door? 7 Things to Know First – Bob Vila

Sometimes You Have to Replace Locks Because of Damage

Sometimes you have to replace the home’s entire lock system because of a broken or damaged lock. You might have already experienced the awful feeling of inserting the key into a broken lock. You try to do what you’ve done hundreds of times: Turn the key, turn the door knob, push on the knob, and open the door. The door this time won’t open – even with numerous attempts to do so. So, it’s time to just bite the bullet and replace the old, worn out lock. Speak with B&D Lock Co. in Roanoke, VA, for assistance.

Call B&D Lock Co. at (540) 563-1101 for our services in the Roanoke Valley area. We will gladly provide security tips for new homeowners in Roanoke, VA.